All students are required to have medical and emergency evacuation insurance while in Antigua. Students will be automatically enrolled and charged for this coverage at the beginning of each semester.

Please read the insurance packet available on the student portal that describes the coverage underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company. You can compare it to your current policy and decide what is best for you.


If you wish to waive the United Healthcare insurance coverage, your policy MUST include an emergency evacuation provision in the event of a medical emergency. Proof of coverage is required, and you need to upload a proof of insurance AND a letter from your insurance company that states that the emergency evacuation option is part of your insurance coverage during the registration process. If you cannot produce proof of medical coverage, including emergency evacuation insurance, you will be billed for the contracted monthly third-party healthcare provider’s plan.


If you plan to have dependents with you in Antigua, you can enroll them in the health insurance program. You can pick up an enrollment form at the time of registration and send it directly to United Healthcare with your payment. We strongly encourage that all dependents have formal medical and emergency evacuation insurance while in Antigua.

If you have any questions about the coverage, please email them to or call 1-212-661-8899, Ext. 773.

Please note: Medical insurance coverage is not available for citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.


AUA has an on-campus clinic available to students. The clinic demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the welfare of the AUA community by providing convenient access to quality medical care. Available services include:

  • Counseling services

  • Vaccinations

  • Routine medical care and screenings

  • Electrocardiograms

  • Blood tests


Regarding the potential refusal by a medical student to comply with required immunizations or medical testing for religious or other reasons:

The various affiliated hospitals and other clinical training sites where students are placed for their clinical rotations have stringent requirements that all members of their healthcare workforce are required to receive specific immunizations and/or have evidence of immunity from specific diseases and undergo periodic health testing in order to receive instruction in clinical settings and perform the essential functions of a medical student. This immunization requirement/documentation is essential not only to show that the students are protected, but also to protect those patients with whom they will come in contact during clinical rotations, visits to clinical facilities, and in the course of volunteer or relief programs. This immunization requirement/documentation is also required by our affiliated clinical teaching facilities before any medical student is allowed into their institutions.

These requirements are very specific and are based upon current recommendations from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other expert authorities. The requirements begin with matriculation into the basic science years and are posted on the School of Medicine website and student handbook. They are subject to revision at any time as dictated by changes originating from regulatory bodies, clinical training sites, expert recommendations, changes in public health conditions, and advancements in medical science.

AUA recognizes that a student may want to request an exemption from any required immunizations and/or from providing required evidence of immunity from specific diseases or from undergoing required periodic health testing either for his/her own health reasons or because these requirements conflict with his or her religious beliefs or practices. However, because these immunization requirements are imposed by our various affiliated hospitals and other clinical training sites, and because clinical training is an essential element of completing the requirements for a medical degree, such an exemption cannot be granted if the failure to meet these requirements would prevent the student from performing the essential functions of a medical student and from fulfilling the curricular requirements of the academic program.

It should be noted that failure to meet the requirements for vaccination and/or health testing will likely result in the student not being permitted to train in affiliated hospitals and other clinical facilities by those hospitals and/or facilities, thereby preventing the student from completing the required curricular activities needed to receive their certificate of completion.


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