For applicants who have not passed USMLE Step-1, the Residency Education & Preparation Program begins with attendance of the Basic Sciences Integrated Course (BSIC) on campus in Antigua. This course is designed to synthesize, integrate, and reinforce what students have learned during their studies in the Basic Sciences. Most importantly, it will prepare students in the Residency Education & Preparation Program for the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE).


While on campus, students will attend 10 weeks of classroom instruction and will have full access to all resources available to AUA students, including special advising from our education department and access to assets designed to prepare students for USMLE Step-1. Following the classroom instruction are 3 weeks of self-study and the administration of the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Exam, designed to test the preparedness of students before taking the USMLE. After successfully passing the Comprehensive Exam, AUA will sponsor students to sit for USMLE Step-1.


All students in the Residency Education & Preparation Program, either after passing USMLE Step-1, or those who already obtained a passing score on USMLE Step-1, will have a consultation meeting with AUA’s Executive Dean of Clinical Sciences on residency programs and licensure in the U.S. followed by one-on-one sessions with the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs to discuss which elective rotations and which hospitals are best suited for the student to meet his or her career goals.


Students will attend 16 weeks of elective rotations in their desired field at affiliated teaching hospitals. During this time, students will be able to demonstrate for residency directors how they perform in a hospital setting. Throughout and following the attendance of these clinical rotations, students will continue to have access to advising from our clinical education department and learning resources designed to prepare students for USMLE Step-2. Additionally, students will have access to special residency advising so that, upon passing USMLE Step-2, the process of application to residency programs is streamlined.


Upon attendance of BSIC, elective rotations, and passing USMLE Step-1 and Step-2, a Certificate of Completion will be conferred for the Residency Education & Preparation Program. Students will be eligible to apply for residencies in the United States. AUA will assist with the process of applying for residencies and obtaining the required visas.


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